You are used to fight for the last dollar in every deal and you expect your service providers to do the same. Will they run the extra mile for you?

Even when you are generally speaking happy with your Insurers, claim handlers who suggest too quickly to settle a demurrage case as it is more cost effective are not your preferred choice.

External lawyers are expensive however that does not mean they are better, they often have more overhead that needs to be charged.

Then again, being right is one thing but to get there is often indeed a costly exercise when you have to hire external lawyers.

An in-house lawyer would thus be ideal but luckily you do not by far have enough cases to warrant employing one.

What if you could just hire an in-house lawyer when you need one? Just to pursue that one case or to review a contract or even guiding you during contract negotiations. At True North Marine we offer all of that and more.

When calling us you are immediately in touch with a specialist. We aim for quick and practical solutions and we discuss every step along the way if you so desire, as if we are your in-house lawyer. Since we constantly aim to tailor our services to your needs, our earnings structure should be as well, and we are open to discuss any structure that suits you in this regard.



Knowledge & experience are key factors for success for anybody working in shipping.
Those working ashore, be it as operator or charterer, underwent nautical education and most of them spent time at sea too, all valuable factors to succeed.
Most are basically well equipped to perform the job except for the legal aspects involved in the job, which annoyingly do play a role.
Back at school the legal aspects have not received too much attention or perhaps it has but you did not take a keen interest interest back then, yet these now turn out to be quite relevant in one’s daily work.

We can assist, apart from giving advice on specific questions you may have, we can equally create tailor-made interactive workshops to address any topic on which you and/or your colleagues want to receive training.
Training on the job addressing for example the legalities of shipping documents such as bills of lading, charter parties used in your company, using cases you have come across.

Call us to see how we can grow your knowledge and therewith your success.


We pride ourselves that we are first and foremost shipping people, having worked for and with shipping companies from the beginning of our respective careers. We do not only thoroughly understand your business, we also know how to deal with the setbacks that each and every shipping company will have to face from time to time.

Our challenge is to turn setbacks into rewarding experiences., no matter how weird that may sound when you are just about to face a claim which may well result in a financial loss.

Having all of us a background in marine claims handling, we do not only know how to steer away from a potential loss making scenario, but equally when a claim is not avoidable how to make the best of an otherwise unwelcome situation. Claims are not without reason called invitations to make things better.